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Balkan and extremism

Warning: Extremism in Balkan





Balkan region has always been a volatile regions in Europe in which no peace has lasted more than 50 years.

Balkan war partitioned Yugoslavia out of which 5 countries, namely Serbia, Crotia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Eslovonia were born. Montenegro and Kozovo were seperated from Serbia.The war was launched by extremist nationalists and armed groups and militias.

After war which ended after International Criminal Court’s demand, political leaders and militias, engaged in war, were trialed for war crimes, genocide and defamation of women.

Now, there are information showing the increase in Turkey’s influence in Albania and Bosnia as well as Wahabism. Bonians already are under dominance of Saudi imams and clergies and have inclinations toward Wahabism.

Many Bosnian citizens right now are fighting in Syria, Iraq, Chechnia, and Afghanistan, a clear index of the the country’s social tendency towards Wahabism and radical TV channels.

The most worrying point is the influence of ISIS(DAESH) in the Balkan and the presence of their training camps in the heart of Europe.

Serbia has also a similar situation, where extrimism in on the rise in national and religious layers, and Orthodox church has the greatest impact at the moment.

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