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The US administration and the question of the Middle East

The US administration and the question of the Middle East

.They way the cash of the Middle East goes directly into Americans’ pocket

Trump’s stance towards economy

Trump is the man of business not politics. This is the life he has lived so far. Therefore, the decisions he makes are more business-oriented than politics-centered. Finding the richest tribes in Islamic countries shows this fact.

The arms deal of $ 110 with Saudis pursues two important goals (1) economic growth in American industries (2) creating regional chaos and instability which will finally lead to more arms race and purchase. This is an economic loop or maybe a vicious circle.

Collecting arms from different western countries is going to harm the stability in the region and benefit only US administration.

Saudis have already tried hard to destabilize Iran, but were never able to do it successfully. Neither Saddam, Saudis state puppet, nor even ISIS, Saudis terrorist puppet, could achieve the goal. That is, the more the tribe strived, the less they succeeded and the more Iran gained power in the region. The conclusion is that, today, Iraq and Syria are not under Saudis control, but Iran’s. It is time for the Saudis to calculate the result of such actions towards Iran.

Saudis must learn their lessons from the history that Trump’s economic plan is only good for the Americans’ pocket not the region, nor will even Saudis benefit this.

His Stance Towards Israel

Trump owes his success to Israel, because he is a real friend of Israel.

The more Arms sales in the Middle East, preferably to Saudis, will lead to the stability of the Israel and instability of the region.

Israel occupied many Arab lands since its creation and Arabs were never able to resist it. Some Arab countries call Iran the source of instability of the region, but the point is that Arab governments’ ineffectiveness such as Egypt, Jordan, and Syria and their defeat against Israel in the 6-day war caused them to believe Israel an undefeatable power in the region.

Today, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan are getting closer to Israel not because they believe Israel as a legitimate state, but to gain their own legitimacy.

Another gesture of amity towards Israel (so-called Jewish state) is enmity towards Iran, an Islamic country. Actually, to have American support, they need to recognize Israel against their own and their nation’s will.

However, Israel is a land which is abhorred by the Jewish themselves all the around the world. As an example, we can refer to the movement of IFNOTNOW in the US. This movement claims that Israel neither represent the Jewish community nor even teachings of Judaism and Torah.

His stance towards terrorist groups

He has no idea of who is who in the Middle East. The one who respects US interests in the region in a good guy and otherwise he is a bad guy. A good guy can even be ISIS. They are good guys because they pose no threat to Israel.

For Trump this is really confusing to decide finally ISIS is dangerous or not. In Europe, terrorists of this group are fully dangerous. In Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon they are considered dangerous, but in Israel they deserve treatment and caring. Americans use ISIS as long as they can use them as pressure leverage towards Assad, but if they cannot meet the US demands they are doomed.

All in all, Saudi Arabia must be careful of buying great deal of weaponry from the US and other western countries to avoid the inheritance of the fate of Saddam and Colonel Qaddafi. Today’s friend might be tomorrow enemy.


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