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Mass march held in Paris to protest racism

Mass march held in Paris to protest racism

Thousands of people have attended a rally in the French capital, Paris, to protest against continued discrimination and social harassment of minorities and ethnic groups. The Saturday march saw people from across France coming to Paris to call for "dignity" and mark a decade since the deaths of two youths sparked nationwide riots.

Participants descended on northern Parisian district of Barbes and called for “justice, reparation, unity.” They said that they want to bring into light the “increasingly deplorable social conditions and the harassment and humiliation of local people (which) constitute daily life for black people, Arabs, Roma and working class white people.”

In 2005 riots broke out after the two youths were electrocuted at a power substation on October 27 in the northern Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, which has a considerable population of migrants.

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