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Saudi Arabia and the UAE have transferred tones of weapons to the “da’esh”

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have transferred tones of weapons to the “da’esh”

Despite all the calls currently being made to dry out the sources of terrorism and to tighten the screws on its sources of funding and armament, there are still indications that the authors of these calls are being held accountable, especially those that are now taking the concept of the “war on terror” as a facade to distort their opponents and legitimize their differences Political, taking advantage of the global echo that surrounds it.

This is what can be deduced from the investigative investigation of the Bulgarian journalist Dalyana Gaitandzeeva, which reveals the hidden role of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in financing and facilitating the illegal access of weapons to areas of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, through a wide network ranging from arms manufacturers in the United States, Eastern Europe, and then another in the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia, and then ending in the hands of armed groups in hotbeds of tension, including the organization “calling” the terrorist in Iraq, and the front, “Fatah Al Sham” (Nasra) in Syria, Terrorism.

The investigation, which was published about two months ago, in early July, is based on documents and documents stamped with an official stamp issued by the Azerbaijani embassy in Bulgaria. The journalist received it from an anonymous account on Twitter, titled “Anonymous bulgaria” The owner of the account to the reporter without revealing his identity, purpose or sources of information.

But recently, two months after the Bulgarian journalist published her own investigation, including all the sensitive information that could not be verified based on other sources, there were other developments that the documents contained in the investigation were not just unreliable leaks, At least a few days ago, last Sunday, Gaydantziyev, in a tweet on Twitter, announced that she had been fired from her job in the Trude newspaper. The paradox was the same as the publication of the investigation. Immediately after Astj and by the Bulgarian national security, which tried to reveal its sources.

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