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Reasons that the world must thank Iran and Assad

Reasons that the world must thank Iran and Assad

.Recently, after Tehran’s terrorist attack on Wednesday June 2017, Donald Trump tweeted:

The US would “grieve and pray” for the victims, but added: “We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.”

First, the readers of this analysis must be aware that Donald Trump’s second sentence is vague and unclear. Which evil has Iran created? Maybe Saudi-backed Daesh is promoted by Iran, ha? If Iran promotes terrorism, why is she attacked by the same people?

Second, ISIS (Daesh) abused the chaotic situation of Syria and Iraq created by US and UK in 2003 and launched devastating campaigns to occupy the two countries, establishing their own Caliphate, while Assad has been defending the country in different fronts namely against his own country’s opposition groups, Saudi-backed foreign fighters (Daesh) and Jebhat Al-Nosrah, Israeli airstrikes which were just adding to the problems on the ground, Western countries (UK for example) threats for the regime of Syria. Did regime change in Iraq and Libya by the UK’s emphasis on that addressed the issues of those countries? NO. The point is that Daesh, Jebhat Al-Nosrah, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are chasing one goal and it is dethroning Assad only.

Third, it is clear in such a volatile situation, Assad is not trying to save his own position as a president with which west, Saudi Arabia and Israel are obsessed, but striving to save the country first which is being devastated on daily basis.

Fourth, Assad also is really confused with US-led airstrikes on his army i.e. “deliberate accidents”.

Five, it is Assad’s right and his people to defend their countries against foreign countries attacks and foreign mercenaries’ interventionist desires. Generally speaking, no country likes its internal affairs to be intervened or compromised.

Six, Iran sent troops to protect the Middle East, the wider world, and herself. Iran has to defend herself. Defence is a right for all human, not just those who are designated by the western countries. Without Iranian boots on the ground maybe the world could witness DAESH flags everywhere in EU, for example, on the top on Eiffel Tower, on the top of UK parliament, and everywhere in the Middle East.

Seven, Saudi-backed Daesh has already proved itself a dangerous cult.

Eight, While Daesh is destabilizing the world through suicide attacks on civilians in different world capitals, their sponsor (Saudis) are sold mass destruction weapons by the UK (over 3.3 billion Pounds) and the US (over 100 billion dollars). Is it sane?

Nine, Theresa May say, “Saudis have to defend themselves, but against who? Assad or Daesh? Or maybe Yemeni children. Only Saudis have right to defend themselves according to UK PM.

Ten, the world owing Iran a lot in fight with Daesh which is even growing in East Asian countries such as Philippine.

Eleven, so far, Israel has only treated Daeshi terrorists wounded in the battle in its hospitals to enable them return to the field in the Middle East, London, Machester, Paris, Tehran.


Written by Truth NGO


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