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The reasons for Iraq war: the false & the main

The reasons for Iraq war: the false & the main

The reasons for Iraq war: the false & the main

Newly unearthed findings about Iraq war that one needs to know.

The false reasons

Bush Administration believed that Saddam owned WMDs and chemical weapons, used against his own people, namely Kurdish community.

Tony Blair, the then UK PM, calling Saddam a threat, claimed that Saddam had used chemical weapons against his own people, had tried to develop nuclear bombs, and had the capability to attack the UK interests within 45 minutes using missiles. Years later, some two-million-worded Sir John Chilcot’s report (2016) proved that Saddam was not an imminent threat, unlike Tony Blair’s claims based on manipulated evidence.

Sir Chilcot’s statement in 6 July 2016:

“We have concluded that the UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful option for disarmament had been exhausted. A military action at that time was not a last resort.”

Before war, not only did Saddam himself hand over a 12000-page report on dismantling WMDs, but also inspectors found nothing to prove Bush and Blair’s assumptions.

But the major causations:

Today, war-shattered Iraq is Saddamless and destroyed by ISIS, a terrorist group emerged because of the vacuum of power in the country in the aftermath of debaathification, the legacy left behind by the US-led coalition.

Alison Weir, the executive director of ‘if American Knew organization’, discusses the direct connection of Israel to the causes of Iraq war and the American Neocons involvement in attack on other Middle Eastern countries based on similar misinformation and false evidences.

According to Ms Weir, considering Iraq a potential threat to Israel, Israel herself and Pro-Israel Neocons played a pivotal role in pushing the US to take war on Iraq, a disastrous war in which 500,000 Iraqis and 7000 American troops were killed, trillions of dollars were wasted, the bloody chaos in the region emerged, ISIS rose, and millions of refugees fled the region.


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