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Mosque hit by bomb attack in Germany's capital of islamophobia

Mosque hit by bomb attack in Germany’s capital of islamophobia

A mosque has been hit with a bomb attack in Dresden, Germany along with the city’s international conference centre.

The two sites were reportedly attacked with improvised devices and no injuries have been reported, according to local police cited by CNN.

The first explosion, which hit the mosque, was reported just before 10pm and the second was reported around 20 minutes later.

The imam of the mosque was inside the building with his wife and children when the bomb went off, but none was hurt.

Horst Kretzschmar, president of the Dresden police, suggested the attacks were linked to an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of German reunification, scheduled to take place this weekend.

Kretzschmar said in a statement that “even if we so far have no claim of responsibility, we must go on the basis that the motive was xenophobic.”

Dresden was the main headquarters of the Islamophobic PEGIDA movement when it shot to international prominence in 2015, due to a series of huge rallies against migration and multiculturalism.

PEGIDA still holds regular meetings and demonstrations in the city, although its prominence has receded in recent months and founder Lutz Bachmann has fled to the British holiday enclave of Arona, Tenerife.

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