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Attacking Syria: The Only Pain Killer For the Middle East Boris Johnson could think of

 . What is the UK looking for in Syria?

The birth of new Middle East goes back to around 100 years ago. New countries were born one by one, Iraq and Syria, for example, by the Britain’s assistance at the time Britain was considered an empire. But now Britain is not an empire and has a strong public opinion to support or reject a cause proposed by the government.

Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign secretary, recently suggested that UK could join US military action in Syria without the Parliament’s approval. But some questions remain unanswered.

  1. Once in 2003, the UK, without parliamentary approval and against her public opinion, invaded Iraq and still have no clear justification to international and her own public opinion and Iraqis themselves. UK, everybody knows, did not liberated the country under Saddam, but destroyed it, displaced its people, and created a vacuum of power after deba’thification (disolving Iraqi Army). In 2016, Chilcot’s research proved that Mr Blair, a prominent politician, has only deceived the parliament and poodled the US. His sins and crimes against humanity in Iraq was completely cleared after he mentioned “I’m sorry”. After his “I’m sorry” Iraq became a great country miraculously in a twinkle of an eye, a failed state in 21 century and home to barbaric bloodshed by ISIS. Is it going to happen to Syria again?

2. Invading Iraq against her public opinion’s will was a ‘dictatorial decision. It seems the UK suffers from a fluidlike governing system, a combination of democracy and dictatorship targeting inside the country and cheating on her own people. The best word for such governing system is ‘Democtatorship’, a combination of democracy and dictatorship. Is the UK a real and complete democracy?

3. To bring peace back to the Middle East, the UK had better address the issue of Palestine first, not Syria. First things first. All peace activists as well as British public opinion urge the British government to find a homeland for the Palestinians noting that they are human too.

4. The Middle East is not the UK’s realm of authority anymore. A lesson the UK must learn. Because Sykes Picot agreement is history and border lines are well established. How do the UK expect to win heart and mind of Arabs after attacking Arab countries.

5. UK, first, needs to address her own Brexit issue and Scottish independence and be prepared for their implications. Are they well-settled in the UK?

All in all, it is unequivocal the UK is the biggest part of the problem in today’s Middle Eastern grave problems and could never be a remedy for them which were mostly forged by unwise decisions made in the past.



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