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The US-UK Iran question and Saudi Partnership: A comparative look
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Iran question versus Saudi values: a comparative look

Donald Trump, as well as his British counterpart, Ms May, has come up with these facts that the more they speak out against Iran, the more weapons they can sell in the region to Sunni dictators, such as Saudis. A move which undermines the importance of western values over interests.

The US and UK have dawned on this illusion if they side the dictators, such as Saudis who are afraid of Ballot Box, at the expense of human rights and destabilization in the region, their people can live prosperously at home.

Today, This so-called prosperity and security is being felt in the streets of Britain, in front of UK Parliament on 22nd of March 23rd of May both in 2017, EU countries as well as the US in the form of ‘loan wolves’, ‘known wolves’, ‘stabbers’, ‘suicide bombers’, market massacre and 9/11 whose 15 out of 19 hijackers were from Saudi, which has been proved as anti-Western, anti-women and puritanical strain of Sunni Islam home to the credo of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Both countries, the UK and US, are suffering from or maybe share a values-free foreign policy, a self-denying approach.

Both US and UK deliberately have acceded to their weapon customer’s demand (shared with Israel), and attacked Iran as the source of “destruction and chaos across the region.”

But the history recalls, Afghanistan war (2001) and Iraq war (2003) respectively destroyed one country and one greater region. It was said they were wars of promoting western values. Iran had no role in the invasions.

In Iran, President Rouhani was re-elected on 19th of May 57 percent of the vote, a landslide election victory, and crowds in Tehran demanding greater freedom.

In contrast to Saudi Arabia, Iran has proved as a large island of stability and a young society with much greater representative and participatory forces. Unequivocally, hope, democracy and people’s demand for reform is obvious in Iran and the elections are in line with that. These developments are great achievements in the volatile region of the Middle East, but the Americans and British politicians are turning a blind eye on them.

What can save the Middle East and bring more stability to that is not an attack on Iran, , but offering a Ballot Box to Saudis. If it happens, EU and UK streets will be a safer place for civilians, and refugees will return back home.


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