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Human organs of Syrian children for the chosen people

Human organs of Syrian children for the “chosen people” – Video 18+

The crime of Wahhabi terrorists, supported by Israel and some Western countries, has no limit.
In social networks, another video about the atrocities committed by these terrorists i.e. the so-called “moderate opposition”, which is fighting against Bashar Assad, is distributed.
The widespread video shows that the terrorists deceive one of the children take her away in an unknown direction to remove the organs of her.
In addition, the video footage shows the corpse of the children who have died during the operation.
The shots end in the fact that terrorists mercilessly do not pay attention to the tears of a child, lying her down on an operating table in order to pull the organs of this innocent Syrian child …
Where the organs of the innocent Syrian children are taken to, no one in Syria knows. Of course, to Israel.
This video is not recommended to people with a heart problem.

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