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In the age of globalization, public diplomacy offers an opportunity for the establishment of contact between the elites and intellectuals regardless of the reservations the governments may have vis-à-vis each other. Accordingly, we, a group of lawyers, judges and university professors teaching international law and international relations as well as journalists and political analysts from the four corners of the globe decided in 2014 to set up the Truth NGO and probe the notion of human rights from a fresh perspective within the extents of our capacity and ability, which are somewhat limited, yet with lofty aspirations and thoughts as far-reaching as the entire world countries.

Our aim is to be independent of governments and raise funds and meet our financial needs through collaborating with the non-profit, non-governmental institutions. We intend to derive benefit from the experience and expertise of the scholars and freelance journalists who don’t expect remuneration while working with the Truth NGO, are ready to collaborate with us on a voluntary basis and also feel committed to the rights of their fellow human beings worldwide. So we’ve founded an organization with the hope of fulfilling our human rights-related and humanitarian goals. Therefore, the Truth NGO doesn’t have an invariable structure and a firm organizational chart, and mostly intends to create a dynamic, plural stream of like-minded individuals eager to work together, and would be honored to warmly embrace anyone who is willing to cooperate and share their thoughts with us.

Furthermore, as we believe in the persuasive role of the media in influencing the public opinion, we’ve initiated our news website in five languages and make our content, including the news stories and exclusive interviews available in English, Azeri, French, Spanish and Russian. In the near future, our German, Dutch and Swedish pages will be launched, too.

The international coordinating executive of Truth NGO is Dr. Gholam Reza Khaji, a professor of international law teaching at different Iranian universities.

Dr.Khaji , Lawyer and professor of human rights

Dr.HabibZadeh Professor of international Law


Dr.Fadaei, Lawyer And Professor of criminal law and criminology

Hossein Dori, Judge And human rights activist