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South Africa is supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, involved in Yemen war

South Africa is supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, involved in Yemen war

Truth NGO – The government of South Africa has the blood of many Yemenis on its hands.
South Africa is edging ever closer to ethical and legal fallout by continuing to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

These weapons, which have been proven to emanate from South African manufacturers, are being used in the war on Yemen. This conflict, which was spearheaded by Saudi Arabia in 2015, has resulted in mass civilian casualties and a humanitarian disaster, which has been labelled by some news agencies as the worst of its kind in recent history.

This puts South Africa, and the ruling African National Congress (ANC), in an ethical and legal quagmire, making it potentially complicit in war crimes.
Evidence of South Africa supplying weapons

Middle East Eye, an independently owned news organisation, first lifted the lid on South Africa’s involvement in weapons supplied to the region. The South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee’s (NCACC) report in 2016 and 2017, which was cited by the publication, revealed that arms, ammunition, armoured vehicles, as well as surveillance and military technology had been supplied to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

More damning evidence came to light following news footage which, unknowingly, exposed South Africa’s involvement. Footage broadcast by Al Masirah news showed a Seeker II drone that was shot down in Yemen. Images clearly showed a manufactures plate on the drone, which read: “Made in South Africa Carl Zeiss Optronics Pty Ltd”.

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