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Saudi waging 'genocide campaign' in Yemen: Pundit

2017/11/25, 07:46

Saudi waging 'genocide campaign' in Yemen: Pundit


The Saudi war on Yemen and the imposition of a blockade on the Yemeni people have made the living situation in the impoverished country very difficult, where millions of Yemenis face the threat of diphtheria and other preventable diseases, says a commentator.

“Saudi Arabia is clearly waging a war but it is almost tantamount to a genocide campaign against the people of Yemen,” Edward Corrigan told Press TV on Friday.

“This is a huge crisis of actually monstrous proportions,” the international human rights lawyer said, touching on the extent of destruction which the Saudi war has brought on Yemen since it was launched in March 2015.

A major aid agency says Saudi Arabia’s crippling blockade of Yemen is an “illegal collective punishment” of the Yemeni nation, some seven million of whom are on the brink of an appalling famine. One million children are also at risk of a fast-growing diphtheria outbreak.


Saudi waging 'genocide campaign' in Yemen: Pundit

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