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From Myanmar to Palestine A mirror fully reflecting the state of Muslims

From Myanmar to Palestine: A mirror fully reflecting the state of Muslims

What that has been hitting Islam since at least the last 200 years is the colonial plan for stopping propagation of this complete Abrahamic religious faith by the known enemies particularly the dominating western countries. At the regional level also, there clearly exists a widespread campaign by ideologies like wahabsum and nationalism for suppressing Islamic ideas and options. Result of this conflict is the wars that the western occupiers and terrorist groups have imposed on this region.
Imposition of nine wars on the region, only due to Islam!
Unfortunately, over the last 15 years, we have witnessed nine wars: the US and UK war in Afghanistan in 2001, the US and UK war against Iraq in 2003, the Zionist regime war against Lebanon in 2006, the serial wars by the oppressor Israel against the homeless people of Gaza in 2007, 2012 and 2014, the Takfiris war against Syria in 2012, the Takfiri wars against Iraq in 2014 and the war by Saudi aggressors on Yemen in 2015. That is, over the last 15 years this central region of the Muslims witnessed a destructive war every 20 months, and thus, it can be said that this region is incomparable with any other region of the world during the last more than 200 years. Neither America nor the European continent or the non-Muslim regions of the Asian continent or the African continent has ever witnessed this number of wars in such a short span of time. Why? The reason is Islam, but of course, not in the sense that Islam is the perpetrator or encourager of beginning and continuation of war but in that these successive wars were started for stopping the propagation of Islam and entry of this divine school into the social life of human societies.

Governments of crisis and insecurity
On this basis, we can say that conflicts are instigated by those powers who consider the dynamic and active Islam as a threat to their position and interests.
We must also add to these powers some particular regional regimes who incidentally rule over this region. The US, the Zionist regime and the UK, as is evident from their evil deeds and the documents and evidences abundantly available against them, are solely responsible for all the nine wars that have been imposed on this region either through the classic armies or through the armed non-classic educated groups.
However, this fire was needed to keep ablazing through using firewood accessible from this very region and continuity of this menacing flames in the region shows that governments in the region are behind the continuity of crisis and insecurity — the ones whom the religion and wisdom call upon to stand by the side of the nations and fight against those who kindle the fire, the ones who recite
اشداء علی الکفار and also رحماء بینهم (سوره الفتح ـ آیه 29)
with the result being emboldening of the Zionists.

Palestine and Myanmar the mirror, fully reflecting the state of Muslims
The solution for the problems
facing the region is quite clear: unity and being on guard against all national and religious controversies on one side, and to not becoming targets of the instigating enemies and getting the Muslims equipped with all that are needed in the various fields of soft and hard wars on the other. The present state of Palestine and Myanmar is the example of the result that comes out from providing an open field for the enemies and grappling of Muslims with each other. At one place, the land of majority natives, comes under the occupation of the ‘minority aggressors’ and at the other a minority is massacred at the hands of the government. Yes, Palestine and Myanmar, these two are a mirror that reflects a full picture of the state of Muslims, as well as very well narrates the aloofness from Islam and its salvaging messages for a larger part of the Muslim world.

Lethargy of Muslims, much more than colonialism, is the cause of the present state
Ayatollah Khamenei, the great leader of the revolution, in his message on the occasion of the Haj this year, called upon the Muslims, particularly the Islamic governments, to ponder upon their condition and review their behaviors., The crux of the matter is that the present condition of the countries facing the crises of insecurity is the result of the lethargy of Muslims, more than that of the colonial policies. Yes, deviation from struggle against colonialism and getting engaged with oneself, is itself an issue that completely goes hand in hand with the colonial policies.
Colonialism in this region is after continuity of its domination and pursues it through weakening the overall strength of Muslims, some of whom themselves incidentally being instigators of the wars by Non-Muslims. On this basis, it is necessary that Muslims put under review the policies which have been drafted and implemented in the region by the west with the cooperation of some countries over these years.
The important point which all the people of the west and south Asia must pay attention to , is that the region anyway is passing through a condition which in the opinion of the enemies is like a storm hitting the region. With the defeat of these enemies in the hard war, it is the turn of laying much stress on soft war, and therefore all countries must help so that the enemy fails in implementing its new set of policies.

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