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Microphones found in the office of the Austrian Vice-Chancellor

Microphones found in the office of the Austrian Vice-Chancellor

Truth NGO – On the night of 25 January 2018 someone or several people broke into Heinz-Christian Strache’s office and was able to flee.

According to  Cont and rnbee News agency , A few days earlier between January 15 and 19, 2018 experts of the Austrian secret service discovered two microphones in the office of the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor Strache, FPÖ, Austrian nationalist party, blames the democracy “The discovery of a listening and espionage scandal is politically extremely worrying towards democracy. Who is behind such illegal and morally reprehensible methods? ” Strache asked.

It is worth noting that At the moment, there is a lot of propaganda against the Freedom Party,which has good position in Austria.

The Austrian Jews are bitter opponents of the Freedom Party, because they think this party have Nazism goals so Mossad is the main culprit of eavesdropping.But Disclosure of this issue has been avoided until the end of investigation  .

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