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Holocaust, Criterion of freedom speech in Germany

Holocaust, Criterion of freedom speech in Germany

Truth NGO – Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced in August of charges of denying the Holocaust by saying that Auschwitz was a work camp, not a place of mass extinction.
An 89-year-old woman, dubbed the “Nazi grandma” by German media, lost her appeal Tuesday against a two-year jail term for Holocaust denial.

According to DFA, Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced in August on charges of incitement relating to her assertion that Auschwitz was a work camp and was never used for mass extermination.
Her appeal was rejected by a regional court in Celle in the state of Lower Saxony, which ruled that the judgement by the state court in Verden at the end of August last year was legally sound and should be implemented.
The Verden court found Haverbeck guilty of incitement in eight cases, sentencing her to two years without suspension.

Haverbeck has been convicted of incitement several times. The German authorities prosecute Holocaust denial on the basis of a 1985 law and its many revisions banning incitement.

In early February, a law was passed in Poland, according to which, those who in public and unlike the facts Responsibility crimes of Germany Nazis ascribing to the polish nation or polish state, In addition to cash fines, will be sentenced to three years in prison.
Critics of the law, including Israel and US, worried that Poland will deny its responsibility to the Holocaust. Because Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister said that in Holocaust, jewish criminals also existed.
These remarks were criticized by Netanyahu at Munich security conference and said: “ we don’t forgot and forgive And we do not allow history to be distorted.

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