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Why doesn’t Muhammad Bin Salman leave Saudi Arabia

Why doesn’t Mohammad Bin Salman leave Saudi Arabia?!

It’s no longer hidden for anyone that Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is impatient to gain power. So that After the dismissal of his cousin Mohammed bin Nayef in recent month, his actions and decisions Another side has been taken. The most important of these decisions and behaviors is that he hasn’t traveled to any countries in the region and world during this time. Regardless of reasons behind this, Evidence clearly suggests that the crown prince on the way to power is faced with risks and threats that we referring to western media, we point to some:
The economic daily Financial times, stressed that the Salafi Movement is active in Saudi Arabia And Saudi Regime will witness another coup in the near future, because the family of two former kings – Fahad And Abdullah bin AbdulAziz- and Muhammad bin Nayef’s family to prevent power Mohammad Bin salman formed the coalition.
The Financial Times has emphasized that The US intelligence service (CIA) has no interest in Mohammad bin Salman and would prefer Bin Nayef return to work. This newspaper also pointed to the disappointment of the White House on the Saudi financial situation.
The former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia has also emphasized that some Saudi tribes condemned the isolation policy of Mohammed bin Salman against those tribes and they are dissatisfied with the support of Bin Salman from the Yam tribes(Bin Salman’s uncle belongs to that tribe). These are the cases that one of the close relatives of the Saudi family has told the ambassador of the United States. He said: characters of the tribes shammar, Otaibah and Anazzah are dissatisfied with these isolation policies that Malik Salman and his son to them.
The Washington post in a new disclosure announced of secretly arrested close characters to bin nayef in the apartments and unknown places dependent to the State Security Presidium.
State Security Presidium is ordered directly from Muhammad bin Salman and is independent of the Ministry of Interior.
The guardian also reportedly of the escape a number of writers, politicians and clerics supporting the former crown prince to out of Saudi Arabia. A runaway that took place in order to escape from the wave of arrests in Saudi history. Arrests that were unprecedented in Saudi history and has targeted clerics and scholars. One example of this was the arrest of 20 missioner Saudis recently.

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