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Boris Johnson’s Confession to UK’s Complicity in Yemen war

Truth NGO– The UK Foreign Minister admitted that his country is contributing Saudi Arabia in Yemen war by sending troops to the war zone.

As reported by Almasirah, Boris Johnson stated that Britain has only been sending weapons to Saudi Arabia while lately these forces are commanding the war against Yemen. While formerly UK troops were just involved through providing information and equipment to Saudis.  As the Foreign Minister stated, the UK forces are not under the auspices of the Saudis but they are being commanded directly from London.

The former remarks made by British authorities and the statements of US officials on the deployment of green berets to Saudi Arabia clearly indicate that London, Washington, and even Tel Aviv played a key role in contributing Saudi Arabia in the Yemeni war. While in this war Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have sent troops based on their capacity under the US-British command.

During his visit with Mohammed bin Salman in 17 of May, Boris Johnson assured the Saudi Crown Prince that London feels responsibility for security of Saudi Arabia. The rocket firing from Yemen to Saudi Arabia cannot be ignored and this is UK’s concern too.

The longer the war goes on, the greater the UK’s hypocrisy becomes visible. From one side UK send weapons and equipment to Saudi Arabia, and on the other it emphasizes on the political ways to resolve the Bahrain crisis and supports the new UN envoy to Yemen who is scheduled to present his plan to Security Council next week.

It should be mentioned that Washington and London have actually never breathe a word about political solutions after their mercenary forces severely defeated by the Yemeni resistance forces.

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