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Algeria Wrestler Amina Belkadi Withdraws From Competition Because Of Israel

Algeria Wrestler Amina Belkadi Withdraws From Competition Because Of Israel

Truth NGO – Algerian Amina Belkadi has refused to compete at the World Judo Championships currently held in Morocco with an Israeli athlete, the Algerian news website reported. The Algerian sportswoman simply withdrew from the competition as soon as she knew the nationality of her opponent, after draws.

Amine Belkadi, African champion under 63kg, who is from the Remchi judo school in the province of Tlemcen, refused to participate in the fight against an Israeli woman, in protest against “the crimes and violations committed by the State of the Israeli occupation in Palestine “, according to Observalgerie.

This boycott is not a first for Algerian athletes. Other Algerian sportsmen already had to withdraw from the competition as soon as they discovered that their opponents were from Israel. We remember the withdrawal of the African Judo Champion Meziane Dahmani against an Israeli in Barcelona. Same reaction of the Algerian wrestler Meryem Ben Moussa to the world championship in Rome, said HuffpostMaghreb.

The Algerian sportswoman is, for now, the only participant in these games to have withdrawn to protest against the presence of the Zionist entity, represented by nine sports, while no representative of other Arab and Muslim countries, whose host country has not dared to express the slightest dispute. Even the scandal provoked on Saturday by the lifting of the Israeli flag accompanied by the national anthem of the Jewish state has not decided the authorities to reconsider their decision to accept such a shameful participation, which is rejected by a majority of Moroccans, according to AlgeriPatriotique.

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