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trump supid decision

Trump and Stupid decision

Mr Trump’s unilateral and irrational action will not only solve Israel’s problem, but also exacerbate the crisis and tension in West Asia. On one hand, Mr Trump unwisely sells weapons of mass destruction to the aggressively violent and war monger countries like Saudi Arabia to kill oppressed and defenseless people, on the other hand, tyrannically by taking an evil decision for Jerusalem, which belongs to Divine religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and is considered sacred and respectful for all of them.
For which important reason and benefit Mr. Donald Trump has taken such unwise decisions is not clear. These actions will certainly make billions of liberals including Muslim, Christian, and even Jewish hate the war-mongering policies of the United States increasingly. The great nation of the United States is to see that their flag will be burnt down in all over the world every day. Indeed, there is a question here that which benefit of the country is supplied by this unwise action of the US president. The reason cannot be anything but satisfying the influential Zionist lobbies, securing Israel’s exigent and avaricious benefits and also causing violence and hatred of the public opinion about the United States. The United States must be sorry for having such an irresponsible president who is ignorant of national benefit of his country.
Please comment on why Mr. Trump sacrifices the US nation benefits for the children killing Zionist regime.

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