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Truth NGO’s interview with Ms Mais Krydee, one of the opposition in Syria

We are honored to meet with Ms Mais Krydee that has been serving in several posts as follows:
• Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic National Committee in Syria
• Representative of Hmeimeem Syrian internal opposition group
• Member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights
• Human rights activist in the field of combating violence against women and children
• Director of the Aphrodite Institute for Peace
• Writer, journalist and poet
Interview with Mrs. krydee focuses on several issues
Living condition in Syria and the status of the Syrian citizens during the war. And whether the Syrian issue can only be solved by violence? Ms Krydee expanded on the importance of peaceful means to solve all problems.
We discussed death camps and refugee camps. She talk about her own observations in camps located in Jordan and Lebanon. She blasted the young Syrian girls forced marriages to rich Arabs.
Our guest referred to the similarities between crimes done by Israeli regime, ISIS, and Jabhat Al Nusra. And that ISIS as well as Jabhat Al Nusra terrorists after being wounded in war are hospitalized in Israeli hospitals and visited by Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.
The girl of Al-Suwayda’s complained about the violence of extremist terrorist groups and went that the aim of these groups is distorting Islam.
In the interview, she explained about peaceful coexistence in Syria and said, “I came from a city that residents are of a variety of tribes and nations, Druze, Sunni, Allawi, Christian,… this war couldn’t undermine the peace and the spirit of coexistance between people”.
As for removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by western and Arab countries, Ms Krydee said, “this issue is entirely related to the Syrian people and the election determines who deserves the presidency”.
We really thank Ms Krydee for being with us for the interview.

Truth NGO

this interview in Arabic:

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