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Saudi Arabia Puts Yemen Plundering Plan on the Table

TruthNGO- Saudi Arabia is seemingly planning to build an oil port in Yemen’s al-Mahra governorate in the country’s southeast, where Saudi and United Arab Emirates’ troops are present, sources told Al Jazeera. A document obtained by Al Jazeera on Monday points to Saudi Arabia’s intention to develop the port, which would extract and export petroleum, the sources said. In a …

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Arrests in Saudi Arabia Continues, this time Saleh Al-Talib

TruthNGO- Today Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib’s arrest by Saudis swept almost all social media. “Prisoners of Conscie” twitter account announced that Saudi authorities ordered to arrest Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib the Imam and preacher of the Grand Mosque of Mecca for his sermon speech he yesterday delivered in the Grand Mosque of Mecca on those he described as oppressors. The arrest is …

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Israel slams UN chief’s calls to boost protection of Palestinians

Israel slams UN chief's calls to boost protection of Palestinians

Truth NGO – The Israeli regime has rejected calls by the United Nations chief to boost protection of Palestinians against persisting Israeli atrocities on protesting civilians in Gaza Strip and the occupied territories, demanding action against Palestinian leaders instead. “Instead of delusional suggestions on how to protect the Palestinian people from Israel, the UN should hold the Palestinian leadership accountable …

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The prickly prince Muhammad bin Salman’s capriciousness is hurting Saudi Arabia

TruthNGO- Elon Musk, a mercurial entrepreneur, wants to take Tesla, his electric-car firm, private. That will cost billions. Where will he find the money? On August 13th Mr Musk gave an answer: from Saudi Arabia, probably . It is a common refrain. When visionaries want someone rich to back something bold, they turn to Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince …

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Saudi Arabia’s feud with Canada shows the true colours of its regime

TruthNGO- When Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) came to power in 2015 he promised to modernise the Saudi kingdom with his “Vision 2030”. He opened cinemas, and allowed women to drive and attend sports events. Seeing this, several western media figures became his cheerleaders, believing him to be the long-awaited liberal reformer who would transform the country for the …

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Secret Trials in Saudi Arabia for al- Awda and al-Qarni and 6 others

TruthNGO- The Arabian Twitter account “Prisoners of Conscie” declares of Saudi authorities’ intention to hold secret trials in the coming days of eight of the most prominent detainees since last September, including Advocates Salman al- Awda and Awad al-Qarni. The account also confirmed that Sheikh Ali bin Abbar al-Zaal – one of the elders of Shammar – is among the detainees …

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American Strategy in the Middle East Is on Its Last Legs

TruthNGO-The security environment in the Middle East may be the most complex on earth, with an intricate, volatile and sometimes shifting mixture of destabilizing forces and hostilities. There are deadly power struggles within and between nations. And behind it all is the Middle East’s massive oil production, on which the global economy depends. As written by Steven Metz on Worldpoliticsreview, …

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