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The folly of US Syrian invasion

The folly of US Syrian invasion: lessons from the past

.US foreign policy in the region won’t serve neither Assad nor even the opposition, but Israel

Recently, a former US ambassador Robert Ford to the Middle East, expanded on Syrian plight the actions which must be taken against Syrian government. There are points which requires more explanation.

First, The 100-year-old Middle-Eastern countries are not ready for democratization, if yes, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan deserve it best. Therefore, the ultimate goal of the US is to serve Israelis destructive foreign policy in the wider Middle East, attracting Sunnis, arming them, and deploying them towards Shia Muslims. That is, removing Assad will not bring democracy and stability to the region nor will it better off Syrian people whether the pro-Assad or the Anti-Assad ones.

Mr Ford says,
“The Iraqi and Afghani people did not support US invasions, nor were there indigenous civil society organizations in place to fill a power vacuum.”

This is not true as far as Iraq is concerned, because Iraqi Kurdish allied with the US-led coalition to de-Saddam Iraq, however Shiias were ambivalent and Sunnis became miserable. Remember that the coalition army invaded Iraq to find mass destruction weapons, but nothing found.

Another lie of him as a diplomat is this,
“…nor were there indigenous civil society organisations in place to fill a power vacuum.”

The vaccum of power occured because of de-Bathification i.e. dissolving Ba’ath army of Iraq and, in part, because Bush Administeration, unfortunately, had no plan for post-war Iraq’s development and its civil society. Finally, it was also proved that Iraq was an Israeli plan for keeping the Middle East destabilized forever.

We know that American concept of ‘the international community’ is history. As he says,

“Moreover, without assistance from the US and the international community to remove Assad, the social reform required to establish democracy will fail to materialise, and Daesh will continue to utilise the chaos to its advantage. ”

The point is that there is no “international community” to uproot Assad because “King Trump’s” administration cannot and must not ignore the presence of Russia and Iran, nor even is King’s foreign policy welcomed by the UK let alone other EU members.

As for US foreign policy in the region, as the British diplomats and FCO advisors mentioned recently is of Mercurial and unpredictable nature and UK has to separate its way of foreign policy decision making process from that of the US. It means that, as usual, even the US closest ally is aware that the US decision makers do not know what they are doing exactly in the Middle East.

…“The mercurial and unpredictable nature of policy making by President Trump has made it challenging for the UK government to influence US foreign policy so far, a challenge that is not likely to ease,” the committee said.”…

All in all, in the Middle East what is going on is not ‘Islamic Awaking’ or ‘Arab Spring’, It is better to say ‘Islamic Sleeping’ is rampant everywhere, because a sectarian war is burning the region in conflagration. ‘Islamic Sleeping’ will not end up with so called “democratization”, but destabilization, destruction, bloodshed, refugees and war between Islamic world. The presence of Israeli lobbies in the US will not let Islam wake. Wake up Islam!!!


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