August 26, 2019

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Yellow Vest protester loses hand during Paris march

2019/02/10, 15:59

Yellow Vest protester loses hand during Paris march

Yellow Vest demonstrators have marched through the streets of the French capital, Paris, and other cities on the 13th weekend of rallies against political elite and the economic policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

Protesters and police scuffled outside the grounds of the National Assembly building in Paris on Saturday.

protesters suffered grave injuries, with one losing a hand as police in
riot gear used tear gas and flash balls to disperse the crowd.

Some police officers also got wounded with rocks and smoke grenades thrown back at them by the angry protesters.

police grenade was filmed exploding as protesters approached the
device. Eyewitness Cyprien Royer told RT news channel that he and the
injured man were near the National Assembly, where a group of people
dressed in black were trying to smash their way in.

“That guy was
just observing. The police arrived and started throwing grenades,”
Royer said. “One grenade flew right under the guy’s feet, and he tried
to instinctively push it away with his hand, he hit it, and the grenade
went off.”
The protesters also denounced the use of flash ball riot control guns, banned in much of Europe, by French riot police.

government had already warned that police would not hesitate to use
flash balls in case of violence after it was authorized by the country’s
highest administrative court.

Anti-government demonstrators also
took to the streets in Bordeaux and Toulouse to reiterate their demands
and to pay homage to those killed or injured since the onset of the
rallies on November 17, which were initially against fuel tax hikes.
Despite the French government suspending the tax hikes and announcing increases to the minimum wage, protests have continued.


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