October 21, 2019

Algeria forbids Israeli aircraft to use its space!

2019/01/29, 10:32

Algeria forbids Israeli aircraft to use its space!

Truth NGO - The Algerian and Tunisian authorities have refused "firmly" and "jointly" to allow the plane carrying the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to fly over their territories to Morocco, where he is due to make an official visit.

This is reported by several Tunisian media, citing informed sources. Thus, Algiers and Tunis did not give in to the intense pressure that Western and Arab capitals, friends of TelAviv, exerted on them in this direction.
According to the same information, Algeria and Tunisia also refused a French offer, proposing to transport Benjamin Netanyahu on board a Moroccan plane to rule out any suspicion.
Scheduled for the end of the current month, the visit by the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime to the Kingdom of Morocco has been postponed to a later date. According to Israeli media reports, Netanyahu's visit to Rabat will probably take place on March 30, just after Pope Francis' visit.
Through this rapprochement, Rabat hopes to develop closer ties with Israel that would allow it to make a breakthrough with the Trump administration, knowing that the statements of the head of the National Security Council, John Bolton, on Western Sahara, have caused panic in Morocco.
The Trump Security Advisor, who said in December that he was frustrated by the deadlock in the peace process, did not hide his dismay at the obstacles that prevented a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara.


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