August 26, 2019

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Israeli minister: We are ready to occupy Gaza Strip

2019/01/16, 10:17

Israeli minister: We are ready to occupy Gaza Strip

Truth NGO - Israel’s Minister of Internal Security said on Monday that plans to occupy the Gaza Strip are on the table for the Cabinet to consider, Quds Net News has reported.

However, Gilad Erdan told Israeli military radio that the country prefers calm and the possibility of reaching a deal that guarantees security for all Israelis.
Nevertheless, he suggested that occupying Gaza would give Israel a better chance to maintain such calm. “We must be ready to pay the costs of such a step,” he added.

The extreme right-wing minister warned Hamas leaders not to cross any red lines. He pointed out that doing so would see Israel going back to its assassination policy.

Erdan said that he blames Hamas for the rockets fired from Gaza as it is the de facto government of the enclave.


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