August 25, 2019

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Rights group: Cleric Ali Al-Omari brutally tortured in Saudi prison

2019/01/11, 16:23

 Rights group: Cleric Ali Al-Omari brutally tortured in Saudi prison

Truth NGO - Saudi authorities have brutally tortured renowned cleric Ali Al-Omari, rights group Prisoners of Conscience said on Twitter.

“We confirm that Dr Ali al-Omari [sic] is currently suffering from severe burns and injuries all over his body, due to being severely tortured by beating him and subjecting him to electric shocks during his detention in solitary confinement for 15 continuous months!” the account said.

It added that Al-Omari was recently released from solitary confinement.

Saudi authorities arrested Al-Omari, whose TV shows have called for more rights for women and campaigned against violent extremism, at the beginning of September 2017, along with a group of preachers, academics and writers.

Prisoners of Conscience said Al-Omari was completely prohibited from visits and contact with his family during his time in solitary confinement during which he was brutally tortured and physically humiliated.


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