October 23, 2019

Putin's gamble in Argentina

2018/12/02, 15:30

Putin's gamble in Argentina

Truth NGO - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was once feted in Western capitals as a new breed of economic and social reformer. Then came the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul on Oct. 2 — and with it, a whirlwind of international controversy and criticism that has engulfed the young Saudi royal.

This week, less than two months after the killing of Khashoggi, Bin Salman traveled to Buenos Aires for a G-20 meeting that brought together leaders from the world’s top economies. For the Saudi crown prince, it was a chance to see whether he would now get the cold shoulder from the same leaders who once embraced him.
At a photo call during the official welcome ceremony Friday, Crown Prince stood to the far right of the stage on the second row of world leaders. Footage showed the crown prince walking away from the stage as other world leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, mingled.
While most leaders are avoiding MbS, the Russian president had no problems doing a bro handshake with the man accused of ordering the killing of a journalist.
Mbs welcomed only by Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron to the G20. the Russian and Saudi have a major strategic in common: oil. the price of black gold in free fall has been suspended for weeks on a possible agreement by the two oil powers on a drop in production.


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