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Donald Trump, his mental health and the issue of democracy

2017-04-22, Apr 05:57

Donald Trump, his mental health and the issue of democracy

.President Trump's mental health worrying mental health expert

.President Trump's mental health worrying mental health expert Donald Trump assumed office on January 20, 2017 at 12:00pm. His presidential election was totally controversial. From the very beginning the American society started being divided; pro-democrates who did not want him, pro-republicans who could not even tolerate him, pro-republicans who could accept him as their elected president. Since his election, the US cities have witnessed clashes among people in the wake of elected-president. President Trump’s election was not also welcomed by the people of other countrie, even democratic countries. As soon as he assumes the office, he banned immigration from 7 Muslim countries, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. However, soon after his decision, a federal judge James Robart in Washington suspended the executive order by the president. Now, a group of Mental health experts during a conference at Yale University say President is 'paranoid, delusional, liar, narcissist, and grandiose thinking.' They call him dangerous to lead a country as big as the US. But the reality is that Trump is the fruit of democracy who murdered Socrates over two millennia ago. Socrates in a debate with Adeimantus argued that a ship must be led by those who are educated in the field of seafaring. Undoubtedly, Socrates was completely right. But what is emerging now and necessary to keep a democracy up on its own feet is the mental health of a state leader, what President Trump lacks according to mental health experts. There are millions of people who suffer from being a paranoid, delusional, liar, narcissist, and grandiose thinking, or whatever, but live their own life and are not perilous to their society. What if the elected president, whoever, owns all those negative qualities? What if a democracy is led a Hitler-like leader in terms of personality traits mentioned above? American people and people of democracies must be aware of this reality that psychiatrists at the conference have not talked about President Trump’s stomachache or his losing a finger in an accident. It is all about the mental health of a leader which has not been included in the concept of a democracy; being elected does not guarantee mental health.   Truthngo.com      


Donald Trump، his mental health and the issue of democracy

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