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A concise comparative look at Iran-backed Hezbollah and Saudi-backed ISIS

A concise and comparative look at Iran-backed Hezbollah and Saudi-backed ISIS

.Mr Trump said Iran must stop funding and training “terrorists and militias” immediately when he gave a speech in Jerusalem last month.

Who is a terrorist? And Who is a defender? And who is an occupant? These three are always read differently in the media.

In the eye’s of the US and Israel Hezbollah is a terrorist group resided in Lebanon.

In the eyes of the world, except for the US, Saudis and Israel, the ISIS (Daesh) is a terrorist group. This group’s being a terrorist cult is out of question, because they themselves take the responsibility of all terrorist attacks all around the world from Philippines to the UK.

ISIS occupied, the same as Israel, a great portion of two countries (Iraq & Syria) and established its own outdated Caliphate when instability and vacuum of power was escalated in them. This establishment claimed billions of dollars, tens of thousands of lives of civilians, nationwide devastation and instability.

But Iran-backed Hezbollah was created in Lebanon in 1985 not to occupy a land nor even to kill any civilian, but to protect its own country-Lebanon which was attacked by Israel many many times since Israel’s creation. It resisted Israeli semi-imperialism expansionist ideology.

Hezbollah has a military and political wings and both are active. Hezbollah has right to defend Lebanon because Lebanese prefer not to occupied by Israelis or Daesh whose ideology is completely a far cry of Judaism and Islam respectively, but similar to one other in essence.

Now, the reader can easily judge who supports who and why, and who are real terrorists.



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