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Why Britain can't say no to Saudi's money

Why Britain can’t say no to Saudi’s money

When I heard an English institute was launching an anti-sale weapon campaign against Saudi Arabia, I got sorry. I really don’t know what these kinds of institutions and people are looking for? But I know that they are far from reality. When the President of US easily and proudly signs contracts worth several hundred billions of dollars with the Arabs and says these contracts helps the people and arms industries in US, why Britain who once owned Saudi Arabia, shouldn’t sell weapons to them? If we don’t sell arms to Saudis, will the war in Yemen stop? Absolutely not!
They will supply their weapons from other countries which are competing us. Will opponents of selling arms to the Arabs care about people in the UK, while thinking about the Yemeni people? They don’t!
Current world recession makes the situations harder for our people every day. The head of Central Bank, Mark Carney in his first report stressed: “British salaries this year will be challenging for our families”.
Today eighty British companies have registered for arm exports to Saudi Arabia. Considering the number of employees in these companies, we can assume how much each arm deal with Arabs can affect our economic life.
Weapon Sale dose not authorize to kill humans; if you sell a kitchen knife to someone, it doesn’t mean he should kill his
wife with it. On the other hand; responsibility for correct use of weapons is upon the consumers not the producers. I’m not defending Arab’s war against Yemen, and honestly I was affected by some of scenes and pictures of civilian’s casualty in that country.
Actually we are moving away from EU and absolutely they will end-up with most unfairness against us there for today we are facing more recession. Our economic growth is less than tow percents and the prospect of not-so-hopeful future persuades us to use any opportunity. But usually stupid actions happen in our relation with Arabs.
For example; contracts of the BAE System was released by a stupid Saudi colonel named AL-Harbi. There were many speculations that some of weapons were sent to ISIS.
We should know we may be charged about our relations with Saudi Arabia because they are an undemocratic and radical government. But what is important is the British Political & Economic Power. Being a great power in the world always has had accusations and blames. We should not be afraid of some anti-war activists who are shouting for humanitarianism.
Fortunately in July, the Supreme Court announced legality of weapon sale to Saudi and ended the argument.
Once again I would like to emphasize that we are not responsible for Yemen’s situation neither civilian casualty in that country.

Daniel Jefferson

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